House in London
Victorian architecture of the 1840s did not interfere with the fulfillment of the customers' wishes — 'to create a light and positive space for a young family who loves traveling'.
The place of attraction, as in many homes, is the kitchen-dining room with an accent wall and an abundance of light. Natural motives can be seen in every room: wallpaper patterns, color palette, decor and accessories.
The sunny children’s room again refers us to the planet and traveling theme. The spectacular bedroom with bright accents speaks of the owners' charisma. The bathroom walls and ceiling are painted in one single aqua color for a fresh and enveloping experience.
During the implementation of this project, it was possible to visit the site only once, and all the rest of the work was carried out online, the quarantine measures of 2020 made such adjustments. But the involvement of the lady of the house in the process and complete understanding made it possible to bring the idea to life from start to finish.
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