Apartment on
Mosfilmovskaya street
Comfort and harmony at a bird’s-eye view — this was the request of the owners of the apartment on the 28th floor with panoramic windows. The main area contains 4 functional groups at once: a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a lounge with a fireplace. The complex architecture of the space was calmed by the straight shapes in all the objects and the geometry of the joinery: the stillage in the living room and the kitchen were ordered from the carpentry workshop.
The furniture and the lighting of American brands speak of a commitment to high quality. Sliding doors and thoughtful storage systems emphasize the practicality of the interior.
Love for natural materials and warm colors can be traced throughout the apartment. The spacious bathroom reflects the island theme: a solid teak stand with stone sinks laid on and a volcano picture on the wall, set from two slabs, create a relaxation and solitude mood.
The same relaxed mood dominates in the bedroom. Textile wallpapers, sand shades and soft textures allow you to relax and to rest after a busy day in the rhythm of the metropolis.
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