Flagship showroom
Selfmade brand in Moscow
A women’s clothing store is located in a historic building on Petrovsky Boulevard.
Decorative arches support the architecture of the windows, graphic lines echo the corporate identity of the company. The accent mirror in the central arch adds air and space by imitating another window. Delicate natural shades were chosen in the context of a "feminine atmosphere". For me, the balance of glossy and matte textures is very important, so we kept the original brickwork on the walls, and added gloss to the joinery. The decorative bust in the niche behind the reception desk takes us back to the origins of female beauty. The straight forms in furniture (reception desk, shelves, table-island) emphasizes a certain restraint and rigour in the idea of the project, yet Selfmade is a brand created for business and successful women. It was important for me to achieve the integrity of the space, to add uniqueness, while not overloading with details, because beauty is in simplicity. that’s why I allowed myself to realize the idea of "floating ceilings" made of tulip wood. We used the same wood in all the joinery elements. The metal was tinted to match aged bronze. By that we wanted to achieve the authenticity in details. Besides, the hanger accessories in the brass color look very impressive in contrast. Greenery in pots, vintage carpets and accessories are as a kind of attribute of comfort that the customers asked for.
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